Ednita Nazario Celebrates Her ‘Sweet 15’ Show at Coliseo de Puerto Rico


A report by Suzette Fernández for Billboard.

In celebration of Mother’s Day weekend, the Puerto Rican diva Ednita Nazario performed at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico on Saturday (May 13), where she left her ‘vida’ on stage.

The opening song, “Mas Grande Que Grande,” perfectly describes Nazario. In her hometown, she is simply a legend who was making history as she celebrated her “sweet 15” show. The arena was celebrating its 1,000th event last night, and it was Nazario’s 15th show at the venue.

“I did not want to pass the opportunity, since you are here with me, to thank you,” Nazario said during the pre-concert celebration. She continued, “I respect you and your work, and I thank you infinitely for the support you have given me throughout my life.”


The concert, titled “Una Vida,” included 22 songs with most of her greatest hits, such as “Gata Sin Luna,” “Para el Peor Amante,” “A Que No Le Cuentas,” “Tu Sin Mi” and “A Que Pides Mas.”

Nazario also had several special guests: Argentine singer Axel, Puerto Rican salsa singer Gilberto Santa Rosa and, the great surprise of the night, her ex-husband Luis Angel, who took the stage to perform a medley of great hits with Nazario that included “Como Antes,” “Contigo Mi Amor,” “Tu Sabes Bien” and “Lo Que Son las Cosas.”  During the medley’s last song, their daughter, Carolina, took center stage to sing with them, making the moment very special.

Nazario did not forget to honor all the mothers. To celebrate the occasion. she wanted to be even closer to the audience. Nazario walked through the audience to a small stage in the middle of arena to perform “Privilegio de Dar.” She also took advantage of that moment to honor her late mother with “Lo Mejor de Ti” and could not contain her tears.


Due to the political situation that crosses the country, the singer did not leave without giving support to her hometown. “In Puerto Rico, we can fall 500 times, but we can raise 501,” she said. Immediately, she performed “Soy Tuya,” the song she dedicated to the country.

The night was special for Nazario, who debuted at No. 8 this week on the Top Latin Albums chart (dated May 20) with her latest release, Una Vida, marking her 17th career entry on the chart.

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