New Book: Diana McCaulay’s “White Liver Gal”


Many thanks to Geoffrey Philp for posting news about Diana McCaulay’s White Liver Gal (Kindle edition, 2017). See description below:

Description ( Karen Vincent is eleven when her mother leaves home, her father begins visiting her room late at night and she realizes her family has deeply buried secrets. Set on the beaches and in the nightclubs of Jamaica, White Liver Gal is a coming of age story about a young woman’s sexual power and the risks she faces in using it.

When Karen tries to escape her fractured family as a teenager, she goes to live with her older married lover believing that it is better to be a mistress than a wife. White Liver Gal is also a story about the strength of friendship between women. Karen’s best friend, Angie, supports her through a series of devastating losses until their relationship is destroyed by a shocking act of betrayal. Fast paced and sensual, White Liver Gal explores what it means to be a young woman both defined by her sexuality and rejected for embracing that sexuality. As Karen begins to uncover the dark secrets of her own family, she faces the limits of her sexual power and learns about the redemptive possibilities of the powerful bonds between women.

Written by one of the Caribbean’s leading fiction writers, Diana McCaulay, White Liver Gal reveals the double standard that sexually active females must confront and the traumatic legacies of incest and sexual abuse over generations.


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