Topes de Collantes: An oasis of natural beauty


Earlier this year, Cuba Conecta, highlighted Topes de Collantes as an oasis of natural beauty in central Cuba, located about 20 kilometers from the village of Trinidad. Here are translated excerpts—see Cuba Conecta for a video of the area.

About 20 kilometers from the village of Trinidad, in the center of the country, is a large reservoir of endemic species of flora and fauna on the island. Topes de Collantes rises up to 800 meters above sea level and extends to 110 square kilometers, with 21 degrees Celsius of average temperature, which makes this country setting an attainable paradise.

Because of the exceptional natural conditions, rich flora and fauna, and high level of endemism of some species, they created the Topes de Collantes Grand Natural Park [Gran Parque Natural Topes de Collantes].

The place has been equipped with all the conditions for hiking tourism and the exploration of a true tropical rain forest.

The complicated relief of the Escambray conditions the heights of different ranges, a reason why this area is adorned by waterfalls that have falls of up to 60 meters, and pools of waters coming from natural springs, many of them medicinal. There are also paths leading through intricate sites with caves that are crossed by underground rivers, as well as paths surrounded by healing plants. In these places the visitor can stumble upon parrots, tocororos (national bird of Cuba), hawks, woodpeckers, and the sijú.

Among the endemic species, amphibians stand out above all, such as the frog called “Co-lin,” so named for the sound it emits. In addition, there are whitetail deer, jíbaro pigs, and quail. [. . .]

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