Live Jazz at the Black Cultural Archives


Brixton’s Black Cultural Archives (BCA) pay homage to Carl Kirton, vinyl enthusiast and musical historian at Sounds of Jazz, at The Black Cultural Archives on May 19, 2017.  More information below:

Enjoy instrumental Sounds of Jazz: A tribute to Carl Kirton’, a night of interactive talks and performances that celebrate the contribution jazz has made to the evolution of black British music; happening on 19 May at the in Brixton.

Jazz is renowned for its great level of musicianship and its influence can be found in blends of calypso, funk, and soul. Yet, how much do we know of its powerful influence on the sounds we listen to today?

Instrumental Sounds of Jazz: A tribute to Carl Kirton will pay homage to Kirton, a music collector who dedicated his life to recording and documenting this era in British History. Kirton’s extensive vinyl collection has recently been donated to the BCA and features as part of the Black Sound exhibition.

Listen to the sounds of modern jazz in an acoustic performance by bassist Gary Crosby OBE and singer Kianja Elliot-Harvey. Crosby is the Director of Tomorrows’ Jazz Warriors and is a former member of the Courtney Pine Band. Elliot-Harvey is an incredibly talented young woman with a big voice emerging in London’s jazz and soul scene. The live performances will also feature special guest Steve Williams, a renowned saxophonist and former member of Jazz Warriors.

The tribute happens from 6.30-9pm on 19 May. Tickets cost £10 or £7 for those entitled to concessions. To reserve your tickets, click here.

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