Jazz at Lincoln Center presents Horns to Havana


Granma’s Michel Hernández reports on the Horns to Havana project sponsored by Jazz at Lincoln Center, which is hosting a group of young Cuban music students—La Orquesta Juvenil de Jazz de Cuba, Todos estrellas [Jazz Youth Orchestra of Cuba-All Stars]—who are performing in New York from May 9 to 13, 2017.

The orchestra, which includes 17 students from Cuba’s leading music schools, will host an exhibition concert as part of the annual Essentially Ellington Annual Jazz Band Competition.

Pianist Rodrigo García Ameneiro, one of the participants in the project, considers this a very important opportunity for the selected musicians participating in the event. “I have the great pleasure of being chosen as the pianist of the Jazz Youth Orchestra of Cuba, who will hold an exhibition concert at Essentially Ellington in Lincoln Center, New York,” he says.

Rodrigo adds that, “All members of our Jazz Band are very excited, not only for the possibility to show our way of interpreting this very special style of music on one of the most important stages of the world, but also because we will be sharing spaces with many of the most prominent young people of the United States and Canada in this genre.”

The Horns to Havana project works to strengthen partnerships between the United States and Cuba through music, especially jazz.

For original post (in Spanish), see http://www.granma.cu/cultura/2017-05-07/en-nueva-york-jovenes-promesas-de-la-musica-cubana-07-05-2017-20-05-44

For more on Horns to Havana, see http://www.hornstohavana.org/

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