DOMINICAN ART COMES TO ORLANDO. “AMALGAM: Caribbean Feelings Exhibitions”


Julsan Art and CityArts Factory are pleased to present the first group exhibition of Dominican artists, “Amalgam: Caribbean Feelings Exhibitions” will launch as an annual event on Thursday, May 18th, 2017 from 6:00p.m.-9:00p.m. Twelve Dominican artists will be featured in the show: Eddaviel, Jorge Bencosme, Julio Sanchez- Julsan, Roxalba Francisco, Wendy Nuñez, Miguel Brown, Fernando Tamburini, Carlos Manuel Reyes, Pilar Asmar, Norkelly Acosta, Meybol Ramirez, and Judith Mora. The event will bring together the finest artists Dominican Republic has to offer.

The event will be graced by the renowned percussionist Edgar Molina who will be performing live on opening night. Molina is the creator of Historias Sonoras or “Sonorous Stories”. Through rhythm and poetry, Edgar invites the listener to a journey through Afro-Latin sounds, a journey that seeks to provoke and open the sensibility towards new musical experiences.

“The Amalgam exhibition is a valuable cultural work that together with other artists will expose to the public the works, color, and influence of the Caribbean. Personally, I plan to do this kind of collective exhibition annually bringing to Orlando artists from other regions,” said Julio Sanchez, organizer, and owner of Julsan Art.

The public of Central Florida will enjoy the authentic expression of these Dominican artists whose art reflect a vibrant culture. There will be no limitation in region or genre as audiences will enjoy a vast variety of artistic styles.

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