Seani B Talks to Etana


BBC Radio’s Seani B talks about reggae singer, Etana, stating that now that she is free from her record label, she is “ready to show the UK what she is all about.” Here are excerpts of his interview with the Jamaican singer:

[. . .] Her professional career has taken another new turn recently – she is now a fully independent artist after a seemingly amicable split from her long time home at VP Records.

“The contract (with VP) expired and I didn’t feel like just sitting around and waiting for an album to appear. They didn’t want to do things how I wanted to do them -­ they wanted to wait around a bit longer and I think I was worried about their marketing department and their strategy, so we parted ways in good faith. I was there for a long time so I felt I had become part of the family, but like most families not all the members got along! They have been very supportive;; we just have different outlooks on what needed to be done.”

So what does that mean for her career now?

“This is like a new voyage for me. Previously my management used to speak to the label about our strategy and the journey began there…now it’s down to me and I want to hear what my music is going to sound like and decide what we do. The EP is done, and we are looking at how we can maximise it in the market. It has seven tracks and I’ve worked with Rimshot from Miami and Wire from Jamaica who I have worked with before on “I Rise”. I also wrote and produced it to. None of the records on the forthcoming EP will appear on the longer album that we are planning. [. . .]

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