Jah9 on Cloud Nine


In “Jah9 on Cloud Nine,” Richard Johnson (Jamaica Observer) writes about Jamaican singer Jah 9, whose real name is Janine Cunningham. Johnson refers to her “undoubtedly the female front-runner of the ‘reggae revival’ movement. Johnson writes that, “with her distinctive reggae on dub musical stylings, Jah9 is definitely making a name for herself.”

Just this week came news that her Mad Professor Meets Jah9 album has hit the number two position on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart.

“For years, I have been a fan of Mad Professor and when I finally got to meet him I was even more impressed with him as a human being. The chemistry we had worked right away. It was only natural that I had him do a dub of my album. I really wanted him to do a dub of the first one as well, but because I am the one who produced this one, I had more control. It was definitely one of the priorities for me to have Mad Professor interpret the productions on this album. I am very pleased that the album went to number two on the Billboard (charts) in its first week. It was Record Store Week and for an album that is released exclusively on vinyl, I think that is a credit to the people who did the marketing as well as the product itself… so I can’t help but feel good,” she told Splash.

The dreadlocked artiste is just returning to the island, having shared a few dates with fellow ‘revivalist’ Chronixx on his Chronology North American tour.

[. . .] While on the Chronology tour, Jah9 dropped a remix of Hardcore, originally released on her debut album 9. The remixed version, which features Chronixx, can be accessed on all musical platforms.

By the end of this month, Jah9 returns to North America along with her band for her Unafraid tour with a number of spot gigs and festivals before crossing the Atlantic for the plethora of summer reggae festivals on that continent.

For full post, see http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/splash/jah9-on-cloud-nine_97875?profile=160

Photo from http://unitedreggae.com/articles/n1331/041713/interview-jah9-part-1-the-education

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