World’s oldest person gets her own road


A report from St Lucia News Online.

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie, says the Government will be spending $3 million to repave the road leading to the home of Violet Mosse-Brown, the world’s oldest living person.

McKenzie added that the road in Duanvale will also be renamed after her.

He said the ministry is cognisant of the heavy amount of traffic that will now be passing through the area, where persons will be clamouring to get a glimpse of the woman who has been garnering so much international attention.

He said street lights will also be erected. He pointed out that Mosse-Brown, in her younger days, was a part of the local government fraternity, having served as a cemetery keeper in the parish.

“I have asked the Trelawny Municipal Corporation to do the necessary resolution to rename the road in her name, in honour of her outstanding achievements,” the Minister said.

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett, who has returned from a two-week visit to Africa and Asia, noted that everywhere he went, Mosse-Brown’s life was a popular topic.

He noted that Mosse-Brown has witnessed many historical events more than anyone alive today.

“She is a global treasure,” he said.

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