The Five Scariest Climate-Change Studies Affecting Miami


Stating that “It’s becoming increasingly obvious that federal officials won’t begin treating climate change like a real problem until a whole lot of people die or lose their homes,” Jerry Iannelli, Miami New Times’ reporter, lists the 5 scariest studies on the effects of climate change on Miami. Florida. Iannelli writes:

In honor of last month’s Science March, here’s a recap of the most striking recent studies into how climate change will affect the 305.

  1. Rising seas could turn 2.5 million Miamians into refugees — the most in the nation.
  2. Climate change could create “superstorms” that could level the city.
  3. The city’sbridges and causeways are particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels, which means Miami Beach residents could get trapped on the island.
  4. In the best-case scenarios, the city would likely begin to resemble the Florida Keys.
  5. Oh, and the city would also become inhospitably hot and humid even if you can find a dry spot to stand.

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