Young Historians Project (UK)


Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this interesting project to our attention.

The Young Historians Project is offering an exciting training opportunity for young (ages 18-25) people of African and Caribbean heritage with an interest in history.

The Young Historians Project a non-profit organisation that encourages the development of young historians of African and Caribbean heritage in Britain and seeks to document pivotal and often overlooked historical moments.

For more information go to

From their website:

Our mission is to  develop new creative skills as we explore some of the world’s most interesting true stories.

Become a YHP Partner

We work with a number of organisations and schools providing excellent outreach work.
Become a YHP Project Volunteer
Are you interested in developing the study of history? Our volunteers are involved in a range of different tasks to help drive forward projects. Whether it be public speaking, writing, web and graphics design, events management and administrative skills, we are always looking for dedicated young people of Afro Caribbean heritage aged between 18-25  to help us make a change!
We are currently working on producing a film and exhibition documenting the story of the Black Liberation Front in Britain. If you are interested in uncovering political activism in Britain, please fill out the relevant information in the box below, detailing your interest in history and what you believe could be your contribution.
Become a YHP Supporter
YHP is a new initiative to support young historians and we are always on the look out broadening our network. We are extremely grateful to our friends and supporters who have dedicated their time and skills to provide workshops or small donations and welcome the opportunity to build more relationships!

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