Bassculture Islands No. 11


A post by Peter Jordens:

The Netherlands-based magazine Bassculture Islands calls itself an “island lifestyle and creativity magazine, featuring tropical islands, and sharing paradise with the world”.

The most recent issue, No. 11, focuses on the Bahamas, features photography by Donn Thompson (Bahamas/USA) and Kwesi Marcano (Trinidad and Tobago), and contains articles by island hopper Jamie Werner, diver André Musgrove (Bahamas) and artist Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné (Trinidad and Tobago), and interviews with entrepreneur Monica Walton (Cayman Islands), artist Giovani Zanolino (France/Curaçao), underwater photographer Lucie Drlikova, and filmmakers Kareem Mortimer (Bahamas) and Miquel Galofré (Spain, based in the Caribbean).

Flip through it here (click on ‘Read Now’). Previous issues are available at:

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