Art Exhibition: “Different Developments”


An exhibition titled “Different Developments” will open on Friday, May 5, at 6:00pm, at Bajo El Sol Gallery in Mongoose Junction, in Cruz Bay, St. John (U.S. Virgin Islands).

“Different Developments” will feature works that utilize the medium of photography in innovative ways, either through inventive techniques or printing processes. Artists include, renowned St. John photographer Steve Simonsen (who will be exhibiting a curated selection of his work printed on acrylic); jewelry artist Kim Nogueira (exhibiting new jewelry works with image transfers of her photography in enamel); marine biologist Caroline Rogers (who will exhibit her latest photos of St. John marine life printed on metal), multidisciplinary artist Jessica Rosenberg (featuring ceramic pieces with photos burned onto silk screens and printed onto clay or glass); and David Knight Jr. (who will be exhibiting a narrative series of iPhone photographs on metal titled “Voyages in the Dark” and whose series seeks to tell a story about journeying, belonging, and memory.) The show will run until June 1, 2017.

Mongoose Junction’s monthly “First Friday” art and music event will be occurring the same evening from 6:00 to 9:00pm.

[Image above: Detail from Steve Simonsen’s “Mangrove Upsidedown Jelly.”]

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