Photography: Eladio Fernández’s “Sueño añil”


In the midst of all the sad news surrounding us, it is good to stop and dream. For that purpose, I recommend taking a look at the photo galleries of Dominican photographer Eladio Fernández. Here are two beautiful photos by Fernández, “Sueño añil” [Indigo Dream; 2017]above, and “Pink Saturday,” below, posted by the Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery. 

Sueño añil: A mother and her calf rest quietly in the waters of the Banco de la Plata (Silver Bank), Dominican Republic. Each year about 7,000 humpback whales transit, mate, and reproduce in this marine paradise located about 80 nautical miles from Puerto Plata.

About the photographer: Born on November 27, 1966 [Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic] Eladio Fernández is an associate fellow at the  International League of Conservation Photographers, secretary of the board of Fundación Progressio, and treasurer of the board of Fondo Peregrino RD. He is a naturalist, author, editor of photography and illustrated children’s books, and an advisor for Fundacion Propa-gas. His photography is represented by Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery in Santo Domingo/New York.


Eladio has one of the most extensive image banks on the landscapes, flora and fauna of the Greater Antilles. His photographs have been published in the “Wildlife as Canon Sees It” ad campaign for National Geographic, and in Condor, Nature Conservancy and Living Bird, among others. His images are represented by NHPA stock agency.

He currently produces books for a series of local and international corporate sponsors. Among his titles in print are: Hispaniola: A Photographic Journey Through Island Biodiversity (Grupo SID/Harvard University Press, 2007), Orchids of the Dominican Republic and Haiti (AMCHAM 2007), Jamaica: A Photographic Journey Through The Land of Wood and Water (IMCA 2008), Cuba, Un encuentro con su naturaleza (IMCA 2010), Reserva Científica Ébano Verde, Un encuentro con la naturaleza (APAP 2010), Un siglo de historia, Central Romana Corporation (CR 2012), Legado de Vida, Parques Nacionales de la Republica Dominicana (ACAP 2012), Transformación, El ciclo de vida de las mariposas de La Española (IMCA 2014).

Eladio is co-author, together with Steve Latta and Chris Rimmer (et al), of the field guide Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti (Princeton University Press, 2006).

He has produced 5 illustrated children’s books on the fauna and flora of Hispaniola for different corporate sponsors. Each book is a by a different author and all are beautifully illustrated by Tania Marmolejo, based on Eladio’s photographs. Among these are Pedrito y el cacaotalTambor y misterioCuando el viento habla¡Es la tierra más hermosa que ojos jamás hayan visto!, and Chicui Corazon de Joya.

See his amazing photos at

For more information on the Lyle O. Reitzel Galleries, see

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