Intelsat, an American Company in Cuba


Sundred Suzarte Medina (OnCuba) reports on Intelsat, a U.S.-based company in Cuba. See excerpts below and the full article at OnCuba:

For Iliana Tuya and Richard Kohlweg, Intelsat enterprise sales managers for Latin America and the Caribbean, the sign is clear: a possible lifting of the U.S. economic, financial and commercial blockade on Cuba could favor the peoples of both nations and increase the business possibilities between clients.

In statements to OnCuba, Tuya – an American of Cuban parents – considers there will be many opportunities on the island if the restrictions are lifted, since Intelsat is a global enterprise with more than 50 satellites with world coverage that offers video, mobility, Internet, cell network services to many clients.”

“We have had relations with Cuban institutions like ETECSA for many years, and we have also contributed to the live broadcasts of World Cups and Olympic Games through television signals. We are one of the few American enterprises with established relations in Cuba. We focus on the area of telecommunications, and our exchanges have been possible thanks to U.S. government licenses. I believe the opening between both nations could open up possibilities for new business deals, and that would be very good for the Cuban people,” she highlighted.

According to her, Intelsat’s work in Cuba and the collaboration with Cuban professionals is excellent: “We have had the possibility of working with specialists from the island, sales managers, producers with a great deal of experience; and when I compare them to clients from other Latin American countries I become aware that Cuba is one of the places with the best engineers in telecommunications. [. . .]

For full article, see

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