Montserrat author releases fifth book


An announcement from the Montserrat Reporter.

Adair Arlen, pen name of, is releasing The Gift of Rose, the latest book in her Paul Gregory seriesIn this book we meet Paul’s son, Nick, who is a magnet for trouble.  As Nick’s problems begin to unfold, Paul is grateful for “the gift of Rose,” for his daughter is as trouble-free as his son is trouble-prone.  Action ranges from colorful Louisiana to the idyllic West Indian island of Montserrat in the Caribbean.

The author, together with the Montserrat Public Library, extends an open invitation to the launch of  The Gift of Rose on Tuesday, 25th April 2017 at  4.30 p.m.  The launch will be held at the  Montserrat Public Library, BBC Center in Brades, where the author will read an excerpt from the novel.  Signed copies of The Gift of Rose will be available for purchase.

This series began with The House of Tomorrow, followed by To Say Goodbye, wherein Paul Gregory is introduced to Montserrat.  Next came The Devil Yawned and now The Gift of Rose.  Much of the action in the second, third and fourth novels takes place on Montserrat.  All four books of the series are available at the Montserrat Public Library, along with The Perfume Tree, a stand-alone novel.

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