Jamaica’s Bacchanal Road March 2017


Karena Bennett (Jamaica Observer) writes about Kingston’s revelers who were ‘ready for road’ this morning as four bands—Bacchanal Jamaica, Jamaica Carnival, Xodus, and Xaymaca Carnival—took to the streets of Kingston in celebration of carnival in the Bacchanal Road March, which began today at 10:30am.

The much-anticipated event has not only drawn the attention of at least an additional 200 international guests, but is one that has the four groups operating in carnival — Bacchanal Jamaica, Byron Lee’s Jamaica Carnival, as well as newcomers Xodus and Xaymaca – bringing their ‘A’ game.

“I think one should ask how they plan to compete with Bacchanal,” director of Bacchanal Jamaica, Michael Ammar Jr, said in response to Jamaica Observer queries about how the carnival band which has been operating for more than a decade plans to hold its share of the market.

“Bacchanal is the premier road march band, we set the standard, and everybody else has to step up. Until they put on a road march, then we have nothing to compare it to. I can guarantee that our customers are going to get a premium experience on the road. We are already rated the second best carnival in the Caribbean, so we know what we are doing,” he reasoned.

This year marks the 29th year that carnival is being celebrated in Jamaica after being introduced to Jamaicans by a group of carnival loving revellers from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/business/Ready-for-the-Road_96406

Also see https://www.bacchanaljamaica.com/eventdetails.php?id=20 and http://xoduscarnival.com/

[Photo above: Detail from Xamayca International photo; see https://globalcarnivalist.com/2017/01/22/band-launch-xaymaca-international-launches-for-jamaica-carnival-2017/.]

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