Call for Papers: “Movilidades y procesos migratorios en Centroamérica y el Caribe”


Here is a call for papers for Issue #3 (July-August 2017) of CariCen: Revista de Análisis y Debate sobre el Caribe y Centroamérica [CariCen: Journal for Analysis and Debate on the Caribbean and Central America]. Articles will center on “Migratory Movements and Processes in Central America and the Caribbean.” The deadline for proposals (in English, French, of Spanish) is June 5, 2017.

Migratory Movements and Processes in Central America and the Caribbean: This issue aims to reflect and debate on mobilities, migration processes, and their multifaceted impact on Caribbean and Central American societies. This includes analyzing the main migratory flows to the United States or Europe, as well as intra-regional migration, such as the Nicaragua-Costa Rica, Haiti-Dominican Republic, or Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico circuits. Consideration should also be given to CARICOM countries, which include a more comprehensive view of the issues and agreements that favor the free movement of people, but only for certain sectors. Furthermore, to highlight the regional impact of the executive decree with which Obama annulled the Cuban Adjustment Act, known as the “dry feet, wet feet” policy, which encouraged illegal migration from Cuba to the United States.

Papers will also be accepted for the following sections of the journal:

Geopolitics: Position of the Caribbean and Central America in the face of capitalist globalization, participation in integration schemes, the impact of tourism on the economy, international relations, participation in multilateral organizations, cooperation, and South-South relations; Junctures: Political processes, elections, social movements, economics, migration, violence, civil society participation, and activist networks; History: Cultures and peoples prior to the European invasion, colony, independence, and political, economic and social processes during the XIX, XX and XXI centuries; Culture: Diversity and regional pluriculturality, identity construction, racism, art, traditions, tourism, and sports; Reviews: Books on Caribbean or Central American themes.

Articles must be fall under the purview of the indicated topics and follow the established guidelines in the section “Publishing standards for collaborators.”

Send proposals to

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