Gente de Zona’s “Si no vuelves”

Gente De Zona - Si No Vuelves

Yes, I admit—I’m a Gente de Zona fan! Yare Grau (CiberCuba) recently shared the brand newly-released video of Gente de Zona’s latest single “Si no vuelves.” Don’t miss the video here—a bit too melodramatic (and exoticizing) for my taste, but the music, dancing (especially by the Gente de Zona singers) and the scenes of Havana, beautifully put together by director Daniel Durán, can cheer anyone up.

According to the CiberCuba post, the Cuban reggaeton group’s Alexander Delgado (the group’s founder) and Randy Malcom had been sharing several previews of the filming process through social media. Now the video is finally our and ready “to position itself on all international charts.”

As CiberCuba has mentioned previously, the “Si no vuelves” video was filmed in Cuba in various parts of Havana, such the Jesús María neighborhood in Old Havana and different iconic streets in downtown Havana.

According to Grau, “in addition to the members of the group, the video included the participation of actors Raúl Bravo and Ali Henrich, who star in the beautiful love story that gives life to the lyrics of the Gente de Zona song.”

For original article (in Spanish) and video, see

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