“Eat Lionfish Chefs Throwdown” Event


Bernews reports that The Commissioner’s House at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda was host to “Eat Lionfish Chefs Throwdown,” an event organized by 11th Hour Racing to help raise awareness of the impact of lionfish, a serious threat to marine habitats in Bermuda, the rest of the Caribbean and, increasingly, around the world.

All six America’s Cup teams were represented at the event which featured celebrity chefs from the host nations of each America’s Cup teams battling it out to create the best lionfish dish, judged by the team representatives.

After a night of culinary excitement, the winning chef was announced as Land Rover BAR’s representative Chris Kenny, Necker Island’s Head Chef, who was awarded a prize of $10,000, to be donated to Unite BVI, and an additional prize of $10,000 which went to Land Rover BAR’s 1851 Trust, the Official Charity of the British team.

This was the first event in Bermuda in 2017 in the build up to the 35th America’s Cup in which all six teams were represented, but the competition, this time, was not focused on the teams themselves but on the chefs taking part. In addition to creating some wonderful food, awareness of the threat lionfish pose to marine habitats was raised.

For original article and video, see http://bernews.com/2017/04/eatlionfish-chefs-throwdown/

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