L’Artchipel presents “Mangrove”


As part of their Fortnight of Caribbean Dance [Quinzaine de la danse Caribéenne] taking place from May 4 through 17, 2017, L’Artchipel scène nationale de la Guadeloupe presents “Mangrove.”

“Mangrove” will be performed on Thursday, May 6, at 8:00pm at the Anacaona Room. L’Artchipel is located on Boulevard du gouverneur général Félix Eboué in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe. Performed by the Christiane Emmanuel company, the dancers are Lindy Callégari, Lyvia Gercé, Fabrice «Flexx» Vaillant, Robert Régina, and Ricardo Miranda.

Description: In Afro-Caribbean pictorial art, there is an incessant back and forth movement between the vegetable and the organic world. These artists/painters are influenced by the religious beliefs and practices of their cultural heritage and Yoruba influences such as the rituals of Shangô (Trinidad), Santería (Cuba), Condomblé (Brazil) and Vaudou (Haiti).

“Mangrove” constitutes a deliberately contemporary choreography, without interruption of the hybrid dancers oscillating between animality and humanity. They reflect the dyptich “man-animal” that is omnipresent in Afro-Caribbean pictorial art.

The dancers evolve in a sober chiaroscuro composed of white draping, suspended from luminous hangers to the stage. On this decoration, a rich video patchwork is projected, evoking a magma in gestation within an imaginary world.

The dancers are supported by an afro-progressive percussive music that also gives free rein to the musicality of the bodies. The choreography is reinforced by an interactive play of light.

For original article (in French), see http://www.lartchipel.com/evenement/mangrove/


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