Cuba Pays Tribute to Italian Architect Vittorio Garatti


The University of Arts of Cuba will pay tribute to the Italian Vittorio Garatti for his contributions to Cuba’s national architecture and will grant him the degree Doctor Honoris Causa. The recognition is part of the celebrations for Garatti’s 90th birthday that will take place on Tuesday in the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana. Prensa Latina reports:

Along with the Venetian Roberto Gottardi and the Cuban Ricardo Porro, Garatti conceived the buildings of the Schools of Art of Havana, considered a jewel of the culture of this country. Born in Milan in 1927, the nonagenarian creator was in charge of the facilities of music and ballet centers, as part of a project cataloged as a unique architectural experience.

In 2012, the three authors received the Vittorio de Sica Architecture Award in Italy and in 2013 the buildings were declared a National Monument.

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