L’Artchipel presents “Rézoné,” Compagnie Mangrove


As part of their Fortnight of Caribbean Dance [Quinzaine de la danse Caribéenne] taking place from May 4 through 17, 2017, L’Artchipel scène nationale de la Guadeloupe presents Rézoné-Compagnie Mangrove. Created and interpreted by Jean-Claude Bardu and Hubert Petit-Phar, Rézoné will be performed on Thursday, May 4, at 8:00pm at the Anacaona Room.

Description: Dialogue of life, body dialogue, “Rézoné-L’appel des vaillants” is a creation for two dancers, two Djèl Fô for a shared questioning.

Jean-Claude Bardu and Hubert Petit-Phar wished make fun of the systems that codify realities in order to return to an imaginary to construct upon. Resistance, resilience; through their lives, their choices, trials and considerations, they decide to turn and reflect on their paths, to understand the impasses, the hitches, the uncertainties of being.

The intention starts from a musical call, that of recovery, one that is expected to announce a new cycle; In order to deconstruct it, to stretch it, to deform it. [. . .]  To offer oneself a syncope, a time, a silence, a vacuum in order to create an introspection and to make a mutation emerge. To explore trajectories while being linked by an identity, a common point, which is cultural syncretism linked to the movements of the origins of the two artists.

For original post (in French), see http://www.lartchipel.com/evenement/rezone-mangrove/

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