RFP – Bermuda Triangle Landmark at Clearwater Beach


The Bermuda Tourism Authority is recruiting local artists and architects to create a “fun, interactive and iconic” Bermuda Triangle landmark at Clearwater Beach, according to a Request for Proposal document posted online today.

“The Bermuda Triangle is a defining feature of Bermuda’s brand identity now so this effort is about further leveraging the triangle to set us apart from competing travel destinations,” said Pat Phillip-Fairn, chief product and experiences development officer.

“When fully executed we believe this new landmark will drive camera-carrying visitors to Clearwater Beach where they can create social media moments that help further promote Bermuda to the world.”

“Clearwater Beach is one of five local beaches in the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Beach Economy Vision. The goal of the beaches strategy is to enhance the experiences of beach-goers, increase visitor spending in the beach economy and create an environment for job creation,” the BTA said.

“Additionally each of the five beaches has an identity. At Clearwater Beach the beach’s identity appeals to young families and those who enjoy eco-adventures. The successful submission should align on those characteristics and be respectful of and sensitive to the environment.”

The Request for Proposal document says: “The RFP is inviting submissions from the community to design an iconic structure to be located at Clearwater Beach that is consistent with the area’s lure as an eco-adventure for visitors.

“The expectation for this structure is that it quickly becomes one of the island’s most sought landmarks in the east end, in addition to iconic historical sites such as St. David’s Lighthouse or the Unfinished Church. The final product will be artistic, interactive and original, and most importantly, it will leverage the Bermuda Triangle, an attribute that sets Bermuda apart as a visitor destination.”

The deadline for submissions is May 3, 2017, but those intending to submit must notify the Bermuda Tourism Authority by email before April 7, 2017. A map in the RFP details the area the Department of Planning has designated as suitable for this kind of structure.

A panel of judges, which includes representatives from the list below, will determine the successful applicant:

  • Bermuda Tourism Authority
  • Institute of Bermuda Architects
  • BEST
  • Local art community
  • Hub 1: St. George’s and St. David’s Island
  • Department of Public Lands and Buildings
  • Bermuda Land Development Corporation
  • Department of Planning

The full Bermuda Triangle Structure RFP is below [PDF here]

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