New Book: “Le grand frisson”


Le grand frisson (Éditions Écriture, 2017) is a new novel by journalist and filmmaker Franck Salin (also known as Frankito). It may be translated as “the great thrill” or “the great shudder.” The novel follows the first stirrings of love set against a backdrop of violence and strife.

Description (Éditions Écriture): Bienvenu, also called as Ben, spends his 16-and-a-half years dreaming about the burning embrace of women. Still a virgin, he lives with an authoritarian mother; two sickly brothers; an older, absent sister; and a few friends who more attracted by easy money and girls’ skirts than by the blackboard.

In Cité Zola, a difficult banlieue in the Parisian region, Ben struggles and languishes. His boredom is matched only by his passion: graffiti. Until the day he meets Marie-Ange, for whom he feels “the great shudder” right from the first kiss. But the melancholic beauty is not alone. Igor, a redoubtable figure from the Russian Mafia, holds her at her mercy and does not intend to let his “pretty black doll” get away.

First emotions of love amid gang wars and petty trafficking: reality is sometimes crueler than a simple “I love you” wrapped in a bomb.

Franck Salin (also known as Frankito) born in 1973, is a journalist and filmmaker specializing in the Caribbean and Africa. He is the author of a first novel, Pointe-à-Pitre-Paris (L’Harmattan, 2000) and he wrote Bòdlanmou pa lwen, the first play in Creole language presented at the Comédie Française in 2007. His documentary, L’Appel du tambour [The Call of the Drum (Trace TV – Palaviré Productions, 2009)], has been programmed at several festivals. Éditions Écriture published in 2012 his novel L’homme pas Dieu, which received the Carbet Prize (for Caribbean literature).

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