Jon Secada Sings the Music of Beny Moré


Daisy Olivera (Nuevo Herald) reviews Jon Secada’s recent concert to introduce his new album …To Beny Moré, with Love, a musical tribute to “the Cuban star of the past whose extraordinary talent can still be appreciated by all.” In this album, Jon Secada performs the music of iconic 1950s Cuban entertainer Beny Moré, an influential singer/songwriter whose extraordinary versatility in the interpretation of mambo, son, bolero, and other rhythms led the way to today’s modern tropical sounds. Olivera writes:

Secada’s art career spreads over two decades and includes two Grammy Awards, 20 million records sold, and starring roles on Broadway. Jon Secada’s acclaimed romantic sounds have resulted in numerous successes in English and Spanish, establishing him as one of the first bilingual mixed-style artists to succeed internationally.

The first single from the Secada’s CD, “Como fue,” was one of the most recognized classics of the Cuban singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist and was performed in a duet with the voice of Moré, the execution of which took many weeks of preparation. According to Secada, “it’s the most famous song by Moré—it’s a bolero, it’s a hymn—and we worked very hard to make the duet as perfect as possible … Technically, it was a great challenge to extract his voice and mix it in the right way.” [. . .]

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One thought on “Jon Secada Sings the Music of Beny Moré

  1. Con los More no se juega , Jon Secada !
    We the grandchildren of Benny More.reject Jon Secada and this album done by him.
    For 3 weeks under legal counsel I have said nothing regarding Jon Secada. However that is not the case with the other grandchildren and great-grandchldren of our grandfather. We are all upset and disapproving of Jon Secada’s usurping of our grandfather Benny More. As of today ALL of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Benny More have denounced Jon Secada and We are now united and READY to publicly reject him even MORE !!! We are going to come out publicly before and during his planned tour promoting the usurping of our grandfather. Go and use your aunt Moraima Secada instead !
    Roly More , Barbara More , Benny F.More ,Benny R.More, Roberto More , Minerva More , Anibal More , Herika More , Raul C.More , Isabella More, Fidel More, Brrizbeiia More and the rest of the family reject Jon Secada. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Benny More united against Jon Secada.

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