The SOUVENIR Project: Today in Old San Juan


I am not 100% sure how to describe the SOUVENIR project, but I promise to get more information; it is described on the poster as a “Limited Edition Exhibit Shop.” For now, I share this intriguing announcement sent out by architect/photographer Raquel Pérez Puig. Today (March 25, 2017) is The SOUVENIR Project’s first exhibition at 154 Fortaleza Street, 3rd Floor, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

There will be a selection of objects on display, selected from a series of creative people in different fields (designers, architects, writers, craftsmen, artists) who share “a high level of artistic expertise, depth in concept, and excellent execution.” The result is a select series of objects that will be on display starting at 3:00pm. If you are in Old San Juan, don’t miss it (and feel free to tell us about it)! There will be an opening celebration with cocktails at 6:00pm.

[Many thanks to Teo Freytes for bringing this item to our attention.]

See more on the organizer at

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