The Havana World Music Festival Celebrates Orange Day to Fight Gender Violence


The Havana World Music Festival (HWM) is under way and ends tomorrow. Today, it joined forces with the Orange Day program, an initiative promoted by the United Nations to bring awareness to the struggle for non-violence against women and girls. This was announced by announced the artistic director of the event, Eme Alfonso, part of the Network of Artists UNiTE, which promotes actions in favor of gender equity. [Also see previous post Cuba to Host Havana World Music Festival.] Prensa Latina reports:

‘On the main stage of the HWM – in the Almendares Park of the Cuban capital – the project La Flota will performed today, composed of four members of the Network of Artists UNiTE: the singers X Alfonso, David and Ernesto Blanco, and the percussionist Yissy Garcia,’ she said.

The organizers of the festival, along with the project Todas contracorriente, led by Rochy Ameneiro, invite to wear some orange clothes to join an afternoon-evening for non-violence against women and girls [. . .].

UNiTE is a UN campaign aimed at putting an end to gender-based violence and to raise awareness about it, it proclaimed the 25th of each month as ‘Orange Day’. Now the HWM invites public and invited artists to this initiative supported by States around the world.

The meeting of the world’s music in Havana, attended by more than 100 guests from some 15 countries will be extended until tomorrow. ‘This event, which was born in 2014, currently attracts the attention of many bands interested in coming to this island,’ said Eme Alfonso. ‘For this fourth edition musicians come from Haiti, Mexico, Colombia, Norway, Algeria, Bulgaria, Romania, in addition to local participants,’ she said.

The Norwegian hip hop band Madcon, the Colombian group Systema Solar and the Cuban popular music orchestra Havana D Primera lead the lineup. In addition to concerts, the event includes exhibitions, performances, workshops and conferences, in order to exchange on current trends of music at an international level.

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