The University of the West Indies-Cave Hill, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, Barbados, invites participation in the CARIFESTA XIII Symposium entitled “The Caribbean, the Arts and the Cultural Industries: Negotiating Tradition, Aesthetics, Economics and Legacy.” The Symposium will be hosted at The University of the West Indies-Cave Hill, Barbados, from August 19 to 23, 2017. The deadline for submission is April 28, 2017.

DESCRIPTION: The CARIFESTA XIII Symposium presents an opportunity for the exploration of the myriad identities arising from artistic and cultural expressions, as well as intellectual endeavours, within the Caribbean region and its diaspora. The Symposium seeks to facilitate creative and scholarly spaces in which participants engage in a keen exploration of the complex manifestations of the culture(s) of the Caribbean and beyond.

The Symposium also offers the opportunity for participants to interrogate concepts of the arts, of culture and the cultural industries. Their place in strategies for the development of the region is anticipated to be of special interest. Additionally, the Symposium will feature Roundtable Discussions on Cultural Policy, Copyright and Intellectual Policy and the Creative Arts and the Academy, with participation by leading arts practitioners and scholars.

Please carefully note that presentations at the Symposium may be via a wide range of media as well as formats, including print, visual, sonic, film, as well as combinations thereof. Hence, the Symposium welcomes participation via conference papers, dance performances, film screenings, masquerade, theatre performance, visual art, poster presentations et al.

We especially welcome presentations that address, but are not limited to the following topics: Arts Education in the Caribbean; Caribbean Cuisine: Food practices and Foodways; Caribbean Culture and Embodied Identities; Caribbean Culture and Global Challenges; Caribbean Film: Aesthetics and Economic Concerns; Caribbean Orality, Literature and Rhythms of Culture; Caribbean Soundscapes: Music; Copyright; Archives; Community Museums: Challenges and Legacy; Creative Arts and Knowledge Production: Valuing the Creative Process; Cultural Industries and Economic Development; Festival Tourism: Whither it’s Legacy?; Indigenous Cultural Forms, Spirituality and Artistic Expressions; Intellectual Policy: Initiatives and Challenges; Reparations and Caribbean Identities; Traditional Masquerade and Aesthetics in the Caribbean; and Visual Culture and Representation.

GUIDELINES FOR SUBMISSION: We invite individuals who are interested in participating in the Symposium to submit abstracts (250 words maximum) online at The deadline for submission is 28 April 2017.

Papers/presentations that require special equipment, installation space, rooms, translation services, etc., must be indicated on the submission form.

Symposium Conveners: Marcia Burrow –; Andrew Millington –; and Andrea King –

For further information, write to or visit Symposium Website at



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