New Book: Angie Le Mar Releases “Full Circle”


Angie Le Mar, a British multi-award winning actor, comedian, TV and radio presenter, entrepreneur, director, and producer—whose parents hail from Jamaica—has just penned a book chronicling her journey over the last 30 years. She explains that she chose the title Full Circle because it encompasses “the many peaks and troughs along her journey.” Joel Campbell (The Voice) writes:

Having seen off dark times which included losing her eyesight and dealing with having fluid drained from her brain for a year following the birth of her daughter, Le Mar said she is still here to tell her story today because she didn’t give up. “You don’t plan for sickness,” Le Mar recalled candidly. “You don’t know what your are going to do and you hear about other people’s sickness and you think, ‘there but for the grace of God go I’. “And when I got pregnant with my last child, the fluid went to my brain and I lost my vision in my right eye and the left side was going. “It was a time that made me go ‘wow’. It wasn’t a quick sickness. It was a year of going in and out of hospital to have the fluid drained from my brain and the pain … I just wanted to die. I was like, ‘come on God, stop it.’”

It did stop and Le Mar made a full recovery. She admits those 12 months made her give thanks for everyday she is able to see the sun rise. [. . .]

[. . .] Le Mar regularly quotes the influence of her own parents and a special dedication to her father who passed away last year takes pride of place at the fore of her new book. She nearly didn’t include a chapter about the influence he had in her life but after being encouraged to do so by author friend Beverly East, Le Mar admits the literary offering wouldn’t have been complete without it.

She enthused: “Beverly told me that I would regret the day I didn’t write this story about my dad and that I must go back on to the computer and finish what I started. I wrote it, tears gushing every time I came back to the memory and I finished it. [. . .]

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