Media sensitisation workshop on suicide in Trinidad and Tobago

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A post by Peter Jordens.

Anna-Lisa Paul of the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian reports on a media sensitisation workshop on suicide recently held in Trinidad and Tobago.

Every suicide is a tragedy that should not be trivialised or sensationalised say regional and international experts who are urging local media practitioners to adopt more responsible and ethical reporting of such incidents. Speaking at a Media Sensitisation Workshop on Responsible and Ethical Media Reporting on Suicide and Self-Harm at the Hilton Trinidad, Dr Bernadette Theodore-Gandi, T&T’s PAHO/WHO representative, highlighted the impact suicide has on a victim’s family, friends and community.

This was reinforced by chief medical officer in the Ministry of Health Dr Roshan Parasram who said: “Trinidad and Tobago has the third highest suicide rate in the English-speaking Caribbean after Guyana and Suriname.” He said data showed that in T&T the number of males who died by suicide is approximately five times more than the number of females. “Research suggests that while males are more likely to complete suicide, females are more likely to attempt suicide,” he said. […]

Parasram said: “Responsible media reporting on suicides has been shown to be an effective strategy for reducing suicide rates.” He said this was evidenced by significant research which suggested that vulnerable individuals may be influenced by new reports to engage in copy cat suicide behaviours, “particularly if the coverage is extensive, prominent, sensational and explicitly describes the method of suicide.” Parasram appealed to the media to be mindful that the images depicted and the accompanying articles could have the power to save a life and prevent renewed pain of a survivor. He said responsible reporting on the issue could also serve to educate the public and encourage those at risk to seek help.

Theodore-Gandi added: “It is therefore imperative that the media only report suicide cases in a manner that responsible, ethical and compliant with international best practices.”

[…] Facilitator Dr Daniel Reidenberg dismissed commonly held myths and reinforced that suicide is preventable; restricted access to means of suicide can save lives; health-care services should include suicide treatment; and communities can play a greater role in suicide prevention.

For the complete article, go to Another article on the some workshop is

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