Puerto Rico into World Baseball Classic Semifinal

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Well, the World Baseball Classic Semifinal–an event won last time around by the Dominican Republic–has been going on in San Francisco and I, a die-hard baseball fan, have been following it closely. The international tournament is held every four years and it is the only such event to feature professional players.

Given the dominance of Caribbean players in international baseball, teams from the region have done exceptionally well the four times the tournament has been held. In 2006, when Japan was the winner, the Cuban team was the runner up and the Dominican team came in fourth place. In 2009, with Japan again the champion, Venezuela held on to third place. In 2013, the team from the Dominican Republic won it all against Puerto Rico, with the Netherlands (featuring many professional players from the Dutch Antilles) in fourth place.

This year, the Caribbean teams have played very competitively, but only one Caribbean team, Puerto Rico, has made it to the semi-finals, where it will play the Netherlands (once again featuring many Caribbean players). Puerto Rico–so far undefeated–will play the winner of the semi-final between the United States and Japan if it prevails against the Netherlands.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a second Caribbean champion.


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