Francophonie Week Starts in Cuba


French-speaking countries around the world are taking part in a one-week event dedicated to this cultural legacy, and Cuba”s program highlights diversity within the group.


The Francophonie Week will run until March 26 and consists of activities such as film screenings, dance, art and music, French Ambassador in Havana Jean-Marie Bruno said.

In his opinion, the Francophonie is currently an expression of an open, diverse and shared world, the diplomat stated.

The embassies from the French-speaking countries in Havana also brought proposals from their territories of origin.

The head of the Belgian Embassy, Patrick Van Gheel, insisted on the idea of promoting cultural and linguistic diversity through a planned agenda.

Les Cowboys’ (2015), Dimanche’ (2015), Ni le ciel ni la terre’ (2015), Hope’ (2014), Good luck, Algeria (2015) and Melody’ (2014) are among the films to be screened at La Rampa movie-theater.

In addition to book launches, film screenings, panels and keynote speeches, there will be a significant presence of Canadian, Haitian, Algerian, Tunisian and French artists at the Havana World Music Festival, to be held from March 23 to 26.

The Cuban Art Factory (FAC) has been hosting the French music nights on March 16, 17 and 18, screening video clips and promoting the latest sonority from that culture.

Similar actions will be developed in the 84 countries that belong to the French-speaking community to promote the French language and its cultural and linguistic diversity.

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