Fay Ann urges support as debut album enters Billboard Reggae chart


A report by Laura Dowrich-Phillips for Loop News Barbados.

Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez is urging Trinbagonians and soca lovers around the world to go out and buy her album.

Strong sales of the album, she told Loop, will show the music industry that soca has support and is deserving of its own category.


Fay Ann’s debut album, “Break the World” entered the Billboard Reggae chart on Tuesday, debuting at number three as soon as it was released. VP Records claims this was the first soca album to achieve this remarkable feat straight out the gate.

“On “Break The World” the soca sensation delivers a piece of her soul on 16 timeless tracks that are destined to become classics. The Billboard Reggae charting album features production work from Richie Beretta, Stadic Sound Productions, Keron “Sheriff Mumbles” Thomas, Dwain Antrobus, Kevin Marshall, and Darien Bailey. In the male dominated soca music genre, Fay-Ann’s “Break The World” will stand as part of a legacy for the second generation Caribbean artist and a strong testament to the power and appeal of her artistry,” VP said in a release.

The charting has, however, drawn criticism from some who believe there is nothing to celebrate since the album is on a reggae chart.

“I will celebrate if it was a soca album on a soca chart but since we have no chart of our own I feel very proud to stand up as a soca artist in the reggae side of things,” she told Loop.

Fay Ann said if we are looking to get a foot in the door and someone gives us a complimentary ticket we should say thank you.

“We don’t have a road for soca and VP is taking reggae generated funds to push soca. VP previously only supported soca artists on compilations but they signed Bunji and me to album deals, they don’t do that for soca. They said to prove that we are in for the long haul we will put our money into developing soca artistes and they have had success,” she explained.

She said an opportunity was lost with her husband’s hit sing “Differentology” since it wasn’t supported with sales.

“We have another opportunity now, we have to get sales up. If we get sales up and people who look at the other albums on the chart see the interest from the soca public then other record companies will pick it up,” she said.

“Break the World” has 16 tracks, all of which were written by Fay Ann, a fact that she is most proud of.

Among them is “Everybody Joli” featuring Bunji Garlin and Joli Rouge Sound. The zouk sound of the track has found appeal in the French market.

Fay Ann said it is the French market that is currently pushing sales of her album as the song is very popular in Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Asked how she feels about her debut album, Fay Ann said she feels good.

“I feel very happy because it feels like God keeps putting me in a position to break records and make history,” she said.

She noted that she and Calypso Rose, the only women with multiple Road March wins are both pushing their respective genres at the same time.

“When last did the stars align like this?” she asked, urging fans to do their part now to help push the music and secure a place for soca internationally.

“Break the World” is available for download on itunes, Amazon, Spotify

Track List for “Break the World”

1. Hold Onto Something
2. More Then Dem
3. Girls
4. Buff feat Buffy
5. High Heels
6. Everybody Joli feat Bunji Garlin & Joli Rouge Sound
7. Air Supply
8. Raze
9. Block The Road feat Stonebwoy
10. Catch Me
11. Break The World
12. Drift
13. H.I.T.A (Hands In The Air)
14. Done The Party
15. Doh Hold Meh
16. Keep Some

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