‘Double Play’ is Ernest Dickerson’s love for Curaçao on the big screen


A post by Peter Jordens.

In an article by Nelly Rosa for Amigoe, Ernest Dickerson, director of the movie Double Play, talks about his love for Curaçao. Here are excerpts from the article.

Double Play, the film based on the 1973 novel Dubbelspel by Frank Martinus Arion (Curaçao, 1935-2015), can be seen in theaters in Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire since Thursday, March 9, 2017. The American director Ernest Dickerson has tried to visually capture his love for the island of Curaçao through the film.

“The Curaçaoan premiere seems to have gone well,” says Dickerson. “Many people came to me after the show to tell me that they liked the movie. There were also many people who said that they wanted to see it a second time. As director, you always hope that people will want to watch your work again. What brought me the greatest satisfaction, however, was that almost everyone said that I had placed Curaçao on the screen in a magnificent way. That is one of the things that I wanted to achieve. I wanted the island to be a character in the movie. It is almost as if the island is a witness to the victories and defeats of the main characters and a reminder that we as human beings come and go whereas the island remains forever, so long as we do not destroy this world,” says the director.

It never occurred to Dickerson to shoot the film in a different location. “It had to be Curaçao. The environment here is so particular. Also, I don’t think that Martinus Arion’s spirit would have allowed it. He passed away two days before we started pre-production. I sensed that his spirit always watched over us from above. Moreover, Dubbelspel is a story that is specific to Curaçao. We just could not have filmed it anywhere else. With the movie, I hope that Curaçao will become known to a wider audience.”

“Yesterday I was saying to Lisa [Cortes – the producer] that this was my second-best filming experience, second only to my debut film. And that’s mostly because of the island. Every day we would drive to Bandabou while the sun was rising. The fresh air, the natural environment ― to be there every day was beautiful.” The director has been visiting Curaçao since 1985, when he fell in love with the island. “I am glad that I have managed to capture that love on the screen.”

The original article (in Dutch), ‘Double Play is Dickersons liefde voor Curaçao op het witte doek’, appeared on page 14 of the March 13, 2017 print edition of Amigoe, which can be viewed online through http://read.amigoe.com/i/798279-ma-13-maart.

The photo, showing the director on the set of Double Play in 2015, is credited to E.J. Dickerson and was accessed through http://curacaochronicle.com.

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