Travel to magical places in Latin America: Tayrona National Natural Park (Colombia)


A report from Blasting News.

Tayrona National Natural Park, where the jungle meets the ocean (Colombia)

This natural wonder is located in the Caribbean region of Colombia. It is considered one of the most important natural parks in the world, covering a habitat with a large number of species that are endemic to the regions with different thermal floors, ranging from sea level to heights of 900 m. Of the 15,000 hectares that make up the park, 3,000 are a marine area where you can practice diving, descend rivers, camp and enjoy campfires in the middle of a night full of stars. More than 350 species of algae are distribute in the maritime strip of the park, while the terrestrial flora has more than 770 different species of plants. Its tropical landscape, coral formations, white beaches, rocky coastline, mangroves, and lagoons characterize this park. Visitors will also find archaeological ruins that denote the existence of human settlements of the tribe Tayrona that occupied the region from pre-Columbian times until well into the colonization period. It is considered one of the most important ecological reserves in South America. 

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