“Cargo”—A Complicated Look at the Darker Side of Paradise


Bahamas film critic Rouén Robinson discusses “the darker side of paradise” of Kareem Mortimer’s “Cargo,” a film about the murky world of human trafficking. Here are excerpts from Robinson’s review in The Bahamas Weekly:

[. . .] Cargo is a film that intelligently shows you different aspects of the immigration situation in The Bahamas. The fact that it uses different points of view helps you to see the fear that sometimes fuels the decisions of those involved and does not shy away from multi-faceted characterization. This topic is far from black & white and under the beautiful tropical sky and on the crystal blue Bahamian sea there are people with murky souls trying to eke out a life that is no vacation.

Warren Brown and Gessica Geneus give strong performances that show two sides of the same coin of desperation when the life you expect to lead does not go the way you first intend. Kareem Mortimer as the writer and director is able to bring a vision to the silver screen that is not widely seen, but can be understood by anyone who has felt the kind of love that becomes a burden under certain circumstances.

There is a complexity to the movie that is reminiscent of Children of God and makes me want to see what else this filmmaker has to offer with his view of this particular diaspora.

I rate this a 4 out of 5.

Rouén Robinson [. . .] lives in Grand Bahama and can be reached at redr1976@icloud.com and on Twitter @thereelrouen

For original review, see http://www.thebahamasweekly.com/publish/film-reviews/Cargo_-_A_Complicated_Look_at_the_Darker_Side_of_Paradise52923.shtml

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