New Issue: Cuban Counterpoints (March)


Cuban Counterpoints is the public face of a scholarly community. It is a project linked to EthnoCuba, a network/group of Cubanist academics that includes residents from over fifteen countries, including Cuba and the United States. Editor-in-Chief Ariana Hernández-Reguant describes the March issue:

With new restrictions on refugees, and deportations in full swing in the U.S., UC-Berkeley professor Lisa Garcia Bedolla asks Cuban Americans to remember the generous asylum policies that welcomed Cubans to the United States for decades, and calls for their solidarity in opposition to Trump’s policies.

Remembrance, but of an emotional kind, is the object of Eliana Rivero’s nostalgia for the perfect Cuban pudding, of Iván Darias Alfonso’s recollections of childhood, and of Ruth Behar’s new young adult novel, here reviewed by Julie Schwietert Collazo. Alan West-Durán, in turn, reviews a series, recently on Netflix, based on novelist Leonardo Padura’s popular detective fiction, which presents a gritty, perhaps anti-nostalgic, Havana.

Focusing on today’s Cuba, Ted Henken lends a voice to hairdresser and successful entrepreneur Papito Valladares, Karen Dubinsky provides us with a chronicle of the recent international book fair, and Lizabel Mónica opens our eyes to a new, digital art gallery included in the media sensation that is El Paquete. Last but not least, Eugenia Rainey takes us to Miami with an article on hospitals’ limited understanding of the Lukumi religion and religious patients’ rights and needs.

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