New Book: “Un espejo en la selva”


Un espejo en la selva [A Mirror in the Jungle] is a new novel by Silverio Pérez, Puerto Rican writer, musician, television host, and comedian. The novel, published by Planeta, explores the abduction of a Puerto Rican psychologist by the Colombian guerrilla.

Synopsis: Efraín López, a renowned Puerto Rican psychologist who has been invited to give a lecture at a Colombian university, is intercepted by two armed men and abducted. After several hours in which he does not even know his whereabouts, he discovers that he has been transferred to the jungle and that Martín Sombra, one of the FARC’s most bloodthirsty leaders, runs the camp where he is being held. Thus begins a terrifying nightmare for Efraín, who experiences the horror of living under the yoke of violence and the solitude of captivity, but also for his wife, who fears she will not see him again. International pressure begins to help in negotiation, but will Efraín’s freedom finally be achieved? And if so, will he find his life as he left it before he was captured?

Un espejo en la selva is an emotional and disturbing novel about the complexities of the Colombian guerrilla and the struggle of a man who does his best to survive.

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