La Borinqueña Comic Book Signing + Discussion with Edgardo Miranda (March 23)


Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute

120 E 125th St

New York, NY 10035

Please join us for a special comic book signing and discussion with activist and artist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez of his new popular graphic novel, La Borinqueña!

La Borinqueña is an original character and patriotic symbol presented in a classic superhero story created and written by graphic novelist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. Her powers are drawn from history and mysticism found on the island of Puerto Rico.

“Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, is an artist and business owner whose skill and visionary ideas are shaping our cultural landscape. Growing up in the Bronx, Edgardo was captivated by comic books and art from a young age. Through his successful Brooklyn-based studio, Somos Arte, he utilizes his well-honed design skill to help clients shape their brands’ identity and better connect with users. Edgardo’s true passion is still the comic books of his youth, and has turned his childhood obsession into a fruitful career, producing graphic novels through his studio, working as a writer for Marvel Comics, and curating art exhibitions featuring Marvel superheroes and the work of its artists. Before finding success as an artist and entrepreneur, Edgardo worked as an organizer, promoting social justice and empowering youth through culturally and socially conscious events. His continued dedication to these values and to his community is embodied in his new original comic book character, La Borinqueña, a strong, female superhero who draws her powers from the island of Puerto Rico.” – from the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York, Proclamation

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