Call for Submissions: Lakou NOU


Haiti Cultural Exchange (HCX) has put out a call to artists of Haitian descent to participate in their new program Lakou NOU. The deadline for submission of applications is April 7, 2017. See link below for application forms and more information:

Description: In rural Haiti, the Lakou communal living system embodies the intersection of land, family, and spirituality.  Lakou members develop reciprocal patterns of resource sharing and jointly work the land. HCX’s newest program, Lakou NOU (“Our Yard” in Haitian Creole), is a creative adaption of this traditional model. This project provides four artists of Haitian descent with the opportunity to create and present new work by connecting their skills and talents to four traditionally underserved Brooklyn neighborhoods, home to generations of Haitians and Haitian-Americans: Crown Heights, Canarsie, East Flatbush, and Flatbush.

Artists selected to participate in Lakou NOU will receive the following benefits:

  • A $3,750 stipend for development, implementation, and evaluation of projects
  • An opportunity to become more acquainted with issues in the communities of Brooklyn
  • Access to a network of other artists, community leaders, and local organizations
  • A platform to showcase work to different audiences
  • A chance to develop leadership skills through public speaking and collaboration

Visit the Lakou NOU webpage for more information, including the guidelines and application form.

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