Redbarrel Launches Food Transfer Service 


RedBarrel, an e-commerce business powered by Digicel, announced a new free delivery service for food and household items purchased online by customers in the Haitian diaspora for their loved ones back home in Haiti.

RedBarrel’s free delivery service is made possible through a partnership with Jaco Transfer, Haiti’s leading online supermarket and can be accessed at is external). The partnership will also see customers benefiting from a savings of up to 45% on their purchases of food, electronics and household as well as construction items via the Jaco Transfer/RedBarrel online portal.

“This is part of our corporate social responsibility commitment aimed at making it easier and more affordable for persons to support their families and loved ones living in Haiti,” said Derek Burke, Chief Operations Officer at RedBarrel. Burke continued, “We are living in a digital age and we are very happy that through the power of eCommerce, we’ve been able to offer up to 45% savings on products while offering free delivery to homes.”

Customers purchasing items online at Jaco Transfer, also have the option of making donations to the people of Haiti through Haven, a non-governmental organisation working to build sustainable communities in Haiti.

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