Trinidad and Tobago Carnival: Full and extreme cuttail


A review piece by Darcel Choy and Melissa Doughty for Trinidad and Tobago’s Newsday.

ULTIMATE Rejects led by MX Prime (Edghill Thomas) not only won the 2017 Road March title with Full Extreme but the hit song broke the record for the most number of plays in the competition’s history with 556 plays.

The previous record holder was Super Blue (Austin Lyons) with his song Fantastic Friday, which was 511 times during Carnival 2013.

President of the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) Lutalo “Bro Resistance” Masimba made the announcement yesterday. “The song relates directly to the times, the song brings a breath of fresh air where the music is for the road. It also shows that any composer could have an opportunity to win a Road March title,” he said.

When Newsday spoke to MX Prime yesterday he said records were made to be broken. “Someone would come and break that record but for now we are humbled that the DJs played the song that much and that people requested the song.

The number of times is not all that important, it’s a humble achievement to add to our hard work that we put out,” he said.

MX Prime also thanked the fans and their supporters. “We worked hard in the last two years to try and build not just for the people of Trinidad and Tobago but for the people outside. What we focus on is Caribbean dance music and we entered the soca season with a positive mindset and through the grace of God, good things happened,” he said.

Asked how he and the other members of Ultimate Rejects planned to celebrate their success he said, “our celebration is to keep working. After you win a football game a good coach will sit down with the team and tell them to run some laps, do some push ups and that is to develop a certain discipline.

You don’t want to lose to make adjustments to improve. You have to keep working hard so you get better day by day.” Second and third place went to 2016 Road March champ Machel Montano with his songs Your Time Now and Beat It, which played a distant, barely visible 72 and 18 times respectively.

Meanwhile, the Together WI collective, with one of its core members Anya Ayoung Chee, will also use aspects from the Road March song Full Extreme to carve a campaign showing that TT does, in fact, business and does in fact care.

Upon the announcement of Full Extreme being crowned this year’s Road March song-having been played 556 times- Ayoung Chee the Together WI’s next step will utilise the message of the song and the conversation generated around it to show that TT does care about its country.

In response to questions posed by Newsday, Ayoung Chee said, “We believe that Full Extreme has captured our imagination as a country and can become a wake up call for us. “We believe in re-framing the message message to shine a positive light on our society by saying that we do business, we do care about the state of things in our country; and we believe we can build on our history of activism in this region and stand up as individuals for what we imagine to be a better society.

She continued, “Together WI is using our collective skills and resources to create messaging that makes the act of standing up for our beliefs accessible and unifying.” The group of creatives began a campaign during the Carnival season based on Calypso Rose’s song entitled Leave Me Alone. The campaign anti-gender based violence.

Ayoung Chee could not give the exact start date of the campaign but indicated that it was scheduled to start soon and would be one of several rolled out by the group.

The Leave Me Alone campaign featured specially printed t-shirts, asked if that would be the medium used again, Ayoung Chee said a similar approach would be taken by the group.

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