Rhum agricole from the foot of Mont Pelée


Caribbean Journal consistently makes my mouth water with its descriptions of restaurants or its Rum Journal entries. This week, in “Rum Journal: A Martinique Rhum from the Base of a Volcano,” the journal reviewed Rhum Depaz, a rhum agricole from the foot of Mont Pelée. [So, if you find yourself in Martinique and are wondering what to bring us, read on.] Here are a few excerpts:

To find this rum, you must journey to the base of a volcano.

Here at the foot of Mont Pelee, that fearsome summit in the north of Martinique, is the home of Rhum Depaz.

And this beautiful plantation makes some of the Caribbean’s greatest rum, though even in Martinique it’s generally makes it only as far as the municipal limits of the town of Saint Pierre. (Indeed, it’s one of the most consistent winners in our annual Rum Awards). [. . .]

Depaz’s greatest asset is its location on the remarkably rich soils of Pelee, the same volcano that destroyed the town of Saint Pierre in 1902 (and its 30,000 inhabitants). But the Depaz family eventually rebuilt the plantation in 1917.

[. . .] So when you drink Depaz you are tasting Saint Pierre, you are tasting the history, you are tasting that imposing volcano. [. . .]

For full review, see http://www.caribjournal.com/2017/03/04/rum-journal-martinique-rhum-base-volcano/

[For other related articles, go to our search box and type in rhum agricole.]


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