Film: “Cargo” by Kareem Mortimer


The Bahamas Weekly reports that Cargo, an action/drama written and directed by Bahamian filmmaker Kareem J. Mortimer will premiere at the Miami Film Festival this weekend. Cargo will screen on Sunday, March 5, at 6:00pm at the Regal South Beach Stadium 18 (in Miami Beach, Florida). According to the article, Sky Nicole Grey, Michelle Serieux, Gessica Généus, Omar Dorsey, Alexander I. Younis, Kareem Mortimer, and Jimmy Jean-Louis will appear at the screening. [The Miami International Film Festival runs from March 3 (today) to 12, 2017.]

The film explores the miry world of human trafficking, and the feature film is loosely based on the 8-time award-winning short film Passage.  Cargo is the largest Bahamian film project to date. The director, Kareem Mortimer started writing Cargo in 2010 and completed production in 2015.

In the film, British actor Warren Brown plays a sensitive fisherman who transforms into a prolific human smuggler to pay off a gambling debt and provide for his family. It also stars Gessica GeneusJimmy Jean-LouisPersia White, and Omar J. Dorsey.

When Miami New Times asked why he chose to premiere in Miami he responded, “It felt like the perfect place to premiere the film on so many levels. Miami is like a melting pot for all of us from the Latin American Caribbean… We have like a pan-Caribbean film. We’re Jamaicans and Haitians and Bahamians.”

“When I was 9 years old, I remember watching the news with my mother, and it was a news item of these bodies that were washed up on shore,” Mortimer told Miami New Times, “and these were Haitian migrants who were trying to get to Florida. They washed up on shore in The Bahamas. During the news, at that time, they just showed everything, and I can remember seeing these dead individuals just beached on the shore. I’ve never been able to forget that image, but they were just put in mass graves like they never existed.”

“….I wanted to know how they got there and what decision they had to make. Also, I’m interested in the role Bahamian people have in that,” he says. [. . .]

Watch the Cargo trailer HERE.

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