Call for Papers: “Reclaiming indigenous heritage to define Kalinago destiny”


The Ministry of Kalinago Affairs, the University of the West Indies Open Campus Dominica and Leiden University extend an invitation to submit abstracts for the Dominica Country Conference, which takes place on August 9, 2017, in the Kalinago Territory. The main theme for the 2017 Dominica Country Conference is “Reclaiming indigenous heritage to define Kalinago destiny.” The deadline for submission of abstracts is March 31, 2017. [Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.]

Description: The Kalinago people have made major contributions to the culture and heritage of the Western Island Civilization (Caribbean Archipelago). This is evident in every aspect of the islands’ socio-economic, cultural and political development; ranging from food preservation and preparation to herbal medicines and from farming practices to sustainable livelihoods and local governance. As the last indigenous people of the region, aspects of the Kalinago legacy have survived in numerous forms during the colonization of the area, within the trappings of political independence of nation states, and have continued to be an integral part of the present development of the archipelago.

Although the abundant influence of the Kalinago is evident throughout the archipelago, they have not been articulated in a manner that has given them prominence as major influences forging the present development of socio-economic programs and institutions. The evidence of the discounting of the Kalinago is clear in continuous misinformation and misinterpretation among policymakers, educators, consultants, youth and the general public.

The Dominica Country Conference of Ministry of Kalinago Affairs, the UWI Open Campus Dominica and Leiden University, and their partners seek to be a ground-breaking event bringing together indigenous leaders, academics exploring indigenous issues, professionals working on indigenous problems, students exploring indigenous culture and other interested individuals. Participants are expected to discuss Kalinago sensitive issues, exchange ideas and collaborate on building resiliency in indigenous communities in the Archipelago.

The Conference will be hosted in the Kalinago Territory, the only communally owned indigenous territory in the Caribbean and the focus will be on forming connections, whether from past to present or local to international with a range of topics to include: Museums and collections in and out of the Caribbean; Building connections with the past- indigenous archaeology/heritage/education; Land: bridging the connections between environment, culture and politics; Contemporary indigenous communities – collaborations, new connections, involving the youth; Reparations: creating a stand for indigenous representation; and Creative Workshops.

Interested presenters are invited to submit an Abstract of no more than 250 words, accompanied by a cover page which must include:  (i) Title of the Paper; (ii) Author’s name (iii) Author’s Contact Information and (iv) Bio-data of no more than 50 words.

Submissions must be sent to Ms. Kimone Joseph at

For further information, kindly contact:

Ms. Kimone Joseph, Officer-In-Charge
University of the West Indies-Open Campus Dominica
Tel: (767) 440 8593/ (767) 448-3182

See call for papers at

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