Danay Suarez Finalist in Viña del Mar Song Festival


Prensa Latina reports that Cuban singer-songwriter Danay Suarez was finalist with the 6.2-highest score at the 58th International Viña del Mar Song Festival (in Viña del Mar, Chile) for her song, “Yo aprendí.”

‘Yo Aprendí’ was the song chosen by Suarez, a young Cuban rapper with some touches of Jazz and Rhythm and Blues, that really moved the jury made up of among others the Colombian singer Maluma, one of the most popular figures in Viña del Mar.

In addition the jury is made up of the Mexican Rio Roma Duo, the Chileans Mon Laferte and Power Peralta; the Dominican presenter Mariela Encarnación; vocalist Mario Domm (Camila); Argentine singer and actress Lali Esposito, as well as Gaston Bernardou.

The Cuban singer-songwriter will be competing against the Spanish Salvador Beltran with the song ‘Donde estabas tu’, and the Mexican Jass Reyes, with ‘Cielo en llamas’. The rest of competitors, from Italy, Colombia and Chile, were eliminated.

For full article, see http://www.plenglish.com/index.php?o=rn&id=9756&SEO=cuban-singer-danay-suarez-finalist-in-vina-del-mar-contest

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