Bacchanal Jamaica’s new flavour


With a new venue and a new road march route, organisers of Bacchanal Jamaica are hoping to leave patrons attending this year’s staging “Spellbound”.

[. . .] “This year, Bacchanal Beach J’Ouvert will be moving to its new venue at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in Priory, St Ann, on Saturday, April 15. The new venue will allow for upgraded parking and safety features, a great beach experience, and an ideal setting to jump-start carnival week 2017,” said Michael Ammar Jr, a director of Bacchanal Jamaica.

“For years we’ve been having problems with Beach J’Ouvert being able to facilitate parking especially, and James Bond Beach in Oracabessa just can’t hold any more. And as we continue to grow it becomes a bigger and bigger problem. So we had the opportunity to talk to Robert Bryan, who owns Grizzly’s, and we sat with him and designed a whole new area and it’s being built right now. This is a long-term thing, because even if we triple the size of J’Ouvert, we wouldn’t run out of space. So this is something for the future… the next generation of carnival,” he continued. [. . .]

On Sunday, April 23, the streets of Kingston will blossom in a display of beauty and colour as the Bacchanal Road March hits the road. This year we are changing our start point, our route, lunch stop, and final fete to upgrade our world-class product even more.”

According to the director, the new route begins at Sovereign Centre in St Andrew then moves along Hope Road, along Lady Musgrave Road, down Worthington Avenue across Oxford Road to the FLOW Golf Academy on Knutsford Boulevard, where they break for lunch.

The march continues up Knutsford Boulevard, then onto Trafalgar Road. From Constant Spring the procession make its way to Half-Way-Tree then back to the Golf Academy.

“On the road, Bacchanal revellers will be treated to the best entertainment ever. Kes, Nuphoric, Private Ryan, Smoke, Sinistar, Ryan Sayeeed, Creep Chromatic, Lantern, Sanjay, Back2Basic, and Harrie Hype will thrill all day,” said Ammar Jr. [. . .]

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