Tonight: Opening Teo Freytes’s solo exhibition—“Cronopio”


Teo Freytes’s solo exhibition—“Cronopio”—opens at Galería del Picó, at the Liga Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan [Art Students’ League in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico] tonight, February 9, at 7:00pm, and runs through March 16, 2017. This exhibition was curated by Ada Bobonis and Ana Rosa Rivera. [See our previous post ART EXHIBITION: TEO FREYTES’ “CRONOPIO”.]

A recent press release refers to the exhibition as inserting itself in the defining tradition of what a creator is—cronopio—inaugurated by Julio Cortázar with his Historias de cronopios y de famas [translated as Cronopios and Famas] in 1962. The exhibition offers a representative sample of several decades of Freytes’ work, including paintings, drawings, prints on various media, and digital animation.

The artist, who has also produced electronic and experimental music, says: “This is not my first show at the Liga, but it has one difference: it is a mini-retrospective that covers many years of production. These are pieces that I have worked on in Puerto Rico and during my stays in Miami, and for which I have used all kinds of materials. In my work, I explore how the medium affects the image and the message that I want to transmit. In general terms, my work reflects historical moments, mine and the world’s; and all this within various art trends, which I would describe as ‘false expressionism,’ expressionist proper, figurative, magical illusory and subtle.” “This exhibition,” he adds, “allows me to view a fragment of my work in time, especially since it includes pieces that I have never exhibited together.”

For more information, call (787) 725-5453, or see

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