Luton Couple Celebrate Caribbean Culture In Children’s Book


The book was created to promote and preserve traditional Guyanese values and give children a hero they can relate to from their own lives.

Joshua and Glenda, who have a three sons and three daughters, based the character on Glenda’s mother and reflects Joshua’s experiences in Guyana combined with Glenda’s knowledge of Creole. It was also inspired by their daughter Seraphina, who would always ask for a new bedtime adventure every night.

Talking to Luton Today Joshua said: “I imagined mysteries her grandmother might have solved – she’s a smart woman who’s raised 10 children and Granny JJ is based on her.”


“I’ve simply exaggerated events that could have happened. They’re not quite Miss Marple standard but it’s the impact they’ll have on local children and their parents that’s important.”

The couple are also taking in donations to commission more pictures which currently in black and white but they’d like to have in colour!

If you’d like to support the Cartwright’s by sponsoring a page illustration for their stories, visit there Facebook page here

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